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  • Jan 1

Catherine Elizabeth’s Top 10 beauty resolutions for the New Year

New Year is the perfect opportunity for a beauty rehaul.

Improve your skincare regime and update your look with these top ten beauty resolutions, courtesy of the London MakeUp School.

1. Stop going to bed with make-up on

Always wash your face before you go to bed. Cleansing wipes are not enough. Dirt and make-up will clog your skin, preventing it from doing vital repair work and letting your skin breathe while you sleep; it’s not called beauty sleep for nothing! We recommend Bobbi Brown’s lathering tube soap.

2. Step up your skincare

Wear an SPF and use a serum everyday as part of your beauty routine. Your skin needs extra protection and moisture as another year begins. Try Bobbi Brown protective face base factor 50 and Nars Skin brightening serum.

3. Moisturise your body

Moisturise every day. Whether you choose butter or a lotion, replenish your skin’s lost moisture from this cold wintery season and exfoliate every week with a body brush to kickstart healthy blood circulation.

4. Clean out your make-up bag and wash your brushes

Dirty brushes are unhygienic and underperform every time. Use a brush cleanser or hair shampoo. Throw old make-up away; old mascaras and nearly empty products just need to go, and give the remaining make-up a quick wipe over before you put it away.

5. Make a statement

It’s tempting to stick to neutral colours, but try and experiment every new and again. Go bold with your lips or chose a colour liner to wear, just make an effort to keep changing it up.

6. Curl your lashes

Nothing opens up the eye more than curling your lashes. It doesn’t break and ruin your lashes, but simply opens your eye and helps your mascara do its job. On the days when you don’t wear any or much make-up, still curl your lashes, as you will instantly look brighter.

7. Try a BB cream

We swear by them. Use it daily to even skin tone, as it covers any unevenness without looking heavy, or blocking pores. Every brand does one, so you are spoilt for choice and shades.

8. Cleanse, tone and moisturise

Clean, healthy looking skin is a hot trend and the 3 step skincare routine really does work, so take your time in choosing. Invest in some good products that will buff, polish and replenish the base to your perfect makeup!

9. Subscribe to a monthly beauty service

This is easily the best way to get inspired for new looks, without breaking the bank. Each month you get to try out new and exciting products, and if you like them you can invest. If you don’t, just wait for your next delivery.

10. Go to the salon

At least once a month, treat yourself to something at a beauty salon. Try to have a massage or a facial as this will release toxins and clear up your skin on a regular basis. You will see the results in a few months; it’s food for your skin and soul!

  • May 3

Creating Gorgeous Natural Waves

Creating gorgeous waves, in a few easy steps.  Start with a medium curling iron or Babyliss pro wand. Divide your hair into sections, starting with the back section. Spray each section with a setting spray, I love Paul Mitchel “fast drying sculpt spray”. Hold your curling iron vertically and wrap inch or half inch sections of hair around the barrel. Hold for a few seconds and release. Shake through your hair with your fingers & follow with a light finishing hair spray to help hold waves. If you started with some natural wave, use a curling iron to smooth out frizzy sections or to enhance individual pieces of hair that need a bit more wave.

Made with love in Yorkshire
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