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  • Oct 3

Create Gorgeous Brows

Eyebrows frame the face, so shouldn’t yours be perfect? If waxing, threading or tweezing overwhelms you, Catherine Elizabeth has got you covered. Discover the most flattering arch for your face and learn tips and tricks to maintain and groom their shape.

To create gorgeous brows by following our step-by-step guide to perfect brows.

Things you’ll need

• Eyebrow brush
• Eyebrow/small scissors
• Eyebrow pencil
• Pencil
• Slant edged tweezers
• Mirror

Step 1

Trim your brows before you tweeze by gently brushing the hairs of each brow upwards and snipping any stray, extra long hairs with a pair of scissors.

Step 2

Line up a pencil alongside your nostril, parallel to your nose. The place where the pencil meets your inner eyebrow is where your brow should start, so mark with a brow pencil.

Step 3

Switch to the other eye, line up your pencil and mark the place where your brow should begin on that side.

Step 4

Slant the pencil from your nostril out to the corner of the eye and mark the place where the pencil meets your brow. Mark this perfect spot for the outer edge with your eyebrow pencil.

Step 5

Repeat the process and locate the outer edge on the other eyebrow, so you can make a mark on that side too.

Step 6

Remove each hair that you find outside of the markers you have made. Use your slant edged tweezers to get the best grip on tiny hairs and get as close as you can to the base/root to keep things as painless as possible. Tweeze each in the direction the hair grows.

Step 7

Locate the ideal spot for your eyebrow arch by lining up your pencil up parallel to the outer edge of you iris. Pluck the bottom edge of your eyebrow at the spot where your arch should be, limiting your tweezers to about two rows of hair to keep a natural look.

Step 8

Check your look in a mirror to make sure you haven’t missed any random hairs or left yourself with small isolated holes from over tweezing. Tweeze any strays and if you notice any thin spots, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil or our favorite brow product Brow zings by Benifit.

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