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  • Nov 1

Top 10 Eye Makeup Tips

All About Eyes!

What are the best colours to use for my eye colour?

How can I make my eyes look bigger?

Are just a couple of questions Catherine Elizabeth is asked about.  So we have but together what shades are best for your eye colour, and our top 10 tips.


Blues Eyes

Use shades of taupe, gray, violet, purple and deep blue.

Green or Hazel Eyes

Use shade of brown, apricot, purple,plum, mid and dark greens.

Brown Eyes

Use shades of copper, bronze, brown and green.

  • Always use a good quality eye moisturiser to hydrate the skin around your eyes.  This will keep your eyes looking healthy and fresh.
  • Always curl your lashes, using a curler before applying mascara.
  • All you need is a light application of eyeliner to enhance the beauty of your eyes.  Remember not to over do it.
  • Applying false eyelashes to the mid to outer lashes can make your eyes appear larger, fuller and open up the eye.
  • Replace your mascara every 2-3 months, as they dry up very quickly, causing your mascara to crumble and drop from your lashes during the day.


  • If you have small eyes, use a light shadow on the brow bone and lid, shade above the socket, and lengthen out your eye liner upwards.  Given the illusion of larger eyes.
  • Eyeliner and full eyelashes can help make your eyes look bigger and more appealing.
  • When applying eyeliner, use a gel liner starting from the outside of your eye and work towards the center, holding the inner eye with your third finger.  Then from the inside corner to the center, to get a crisp line.  Then add flicks to the outer edge if you wish.


  • By applying two coats of mascara, will give your eyelashes great definition.
  • Apply a darker shadow to your socket line and blend upwards and outwards to lift the eye.  Making it look bigger.

Now you have the know how, you can go and experiment.  Remember good clean brushes make such a difference to creating the best look.


Catherine Elizabeth


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