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  • Jul 22

The Wedding and Hay Fever Correlation…


     After meeting with a bride recently at the Catherine Elizabeth studio, we got onto the topic of hay fever, as she was suffering from symptoms after forgetting to take her daily antihistamine. After reeling off a few of the ‘Old Wives Tales’ given to us by the good old Mums and Grandmas over the years, it lead us to think about what other home remedies may be out there. Here’s what we found…

Girl with tissue rubbing nose

       As the wedding season approaches, so does the inevitable pollen count. With around 30 different types of pollen released throughout the year, reaching highs between Spring and Autumn, a variety of symptoms such as runny noses and itchy, weeping eyes make their appearance amongst around 95% of the UK’s population.

The Science Behind The Sniffles…

    For those of us who suffer with pollen allergies, pollen can cause inflammation of the nasal passages when tiny particles of pollen, carried in the air, are inhaled; the pollen triggers an antibody Immunoglobulin E in allergy sufferers, which is the cause of mucus build up and congestion.

Where as, hay fever, most commonly induced by grass pollens, reacts with the immune system to create natural histamines and therefore triggering symptoms.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 13.31.23 Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 13.31.06

With the Yorkshire regions showing consistently high pollen counts it’s unsurprising that we see so many people suffering with their allergies.

The Remedies…


honey-1460406_960_720 Not just any honey, but delve into your local Farmers’ Markets, Farm    Shops and Delis to find a locally made honey. The pollen collected by these bees will be native to your home region and therefore will be contained in the honey and should help boost your immunity to the pollens when they become airborne.  Take note though, it’s not an overnight remedy and will take time to take effect.








Orange Juice (Not from concentrate)

fruit-665607_960_720Another one from the family, orange juice is an ingredient Emma from team Catherine Elizabeth has every day in her smoothies. Whether it is a coincidence or a real help, the fact remains that her hay fever flare-ups have lessened immeasurably in the last 6 months that it has become part of her daily diet. Supposedly, the Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids found in Orange juice act as a natural antihistamine and decongestant, thus helping to alleviate the most common symptoms. Try the ‘Orange Smoothie’ from Jamie Oliver.


carrots-1112020_960_720Carotenoids are a naturally occurring pigment in vegetables such as, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and spinach. Research suggests that they act as an antioxidant that works well as an anti-inflammatory, helping the irritation and inflammation of the nasal passages.





Chilli Peppers

chilli-1446963_960_720We found significant support for this little spicy vegetable amongst forums and research, claiming that the capsaicin found in chillies acts as a decongestant, opening up the airways.



    Granted, a diet made up of orange vegetables, honey and chillies does not exactly fill us with motivation! But added in here and there amongst an average diet seems a pretty easy (and natural) way to help alleviate the common symptoms that have plagued so many for so long. We for one feel happier treating hay fever with diet as opposed to having to rely on daily medication. If honey on toast for breakfast, or some carrots with our tea give us a head start, then we’re in!






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